Our Services

Custom Synthesis

Our team of synthetic chemistry routinely synthesize API’s, Relative reference compounds,intermediatesfrom mg to kg scale (including GLP quality) for our clients. Our teams are skilled in both novel route design and route optimization. The team ability to prove outstanding skills in problem solving, our chemists demonstrated proven ability to provide high quality services in an industry leading success rate.

Analytical Services

Our analyticalteam provides high quality analysis and separation services to both internal and external clients. Our experts in this field have built a solid reputation as demonstrated by a high rate of repeat business.

Impurity Analysis

  • Isolation of impurities of regulatory starting materials, intermediates, API’s and drug substance using various techniques including preparative HPLC and SFC.
  • Structure elucidation of isolated impurities by acquisition and interpretation of comprehensive 1D/2D NMR and LCMS data.
  • Isolation and structure elucidation of forced oxidation degradants of API’s.
  • Fast purity determination of raw materials, intermediates, API’s and synthetic impurities by quantitative NMR (QNMR).
  • Professional document preparation for filings.
  • Phyto-chemicals

    Cheminor Life Sciences collaboration with phyto-chemical wing outstanding performance and developing chemical standards, still working continiously on this path. The capability to isolate single active ingredient or standardized plant extract from natural sources up to kilogram scale. We have an existing collection of purified individual compounds from plants of Indian resources. With comprehensive expertise in isolation, purification, analytical method development and synthesis, Cheminor Life Sciences also offers isolation method optimization and development, and structural elucidation service.

  • Milligram-to-kilogram natural product purification capability
  • Isolation process development
  • Quality analysis of pure natural products or crude extracts